This is a story that will never get old, one of God’s provision and grace, who deserves all the credit.


The phrase “humble beginnings” rings loud and clear in our heads when we think of the start of Dixie Pistol. Founded by 2 sisters deep in the heart of South Texas we wanted to create a sassy and southern embroidery and vinyl boutique. Because HELLO! Who in the South especially doesn’t love to personalize EVERYTHING?! We both had babies and were pregnant with more babies and left thinking what can we do to help provide for our families. This was our answer. What started out as taking custom requests turned into an idea to purchase our OWN products and offer them for sale with personalization. This opened so many new doors as our business started to explode with our first “store” on Etsy!


A year into building this thriving new business one of the sisters was called into the Nursing field! We prayed about the future of our business and how we would continue with this new path God had lined up. The first several months were difficult...very difficult.... because growing new businesses, adapting to change, being willing to see through the muck to something beautiful God has planned is HARD. But guess what! We survived!


During this time of transition for our business new doors had opened for us. We learned of a need in the direct sales beauty industry . This is where a huge new scary idea was born... not just buying cute bags, shirts, purses etc to embroider anymore... we are talking the scary un-navigated waters of MANUFACTURING our own products. This new idea was created by the hubby of one of the sisters. He took it and ran with it full speed ahead. He has spent countless hours up all night long speaking with designers, manufacturers, visiting factories you name it to bring QUALITY, AMAZING products to all of you. Let me assure you this was never the plan, never the vision, but God has a way of surprising us doesn’t he?


What started as an idea to solve a problem for a small group of people trying to build a business turned into a beautiful opportunity to bless thousands with an affordable way to build businesses that will change the lives of their families for generations to come. When you’re starting out in any business you don’t have tons of extra funds to spare. Our goal once we saw how big of a need that was present was to be able to make the products people NEEDED to GROW their businesses AFFORDABLE.


What this means for our customers is you have found a store on a relentless pursuit to create and manufacture products you need at a price that won’t break the bank or your business.


Our passion through these massive open doors has become GIVING BACK. We never dreamed this would be the direction God would have taken our company, nor was it ever “income” we were planning on needing to survive. We want to bless the women fighting to build their own business empires to change their futures and if we can do that by supporting them with the tools they need then we are doing our part by making them affordable. Not only that but we have been able to consistently give a large sum of money every month to various non profit foundations who are helping better the lives of women and children. We also love to partner in fundraising! Speer-heading a project to raise money is our forte.


We have been on an unbelievable ride the last several years and recently God has given us a new stirring in our hearts! Why focus on just products for women to build a business? Why not build the confidence in a woman from head to toe from the inside out? So Dixie Pistol is officially transitioning to building a community for women where you can not only find the physical tools you need to build a business in the beauty world but also apparel & accessories to make you feel confident in your appearance, and regular EMPOWERMENT & ENCOURAGEMENT to inspire you to go after whatever your dream in life is!


You don’t have to be a business builder of any kind of to love what we have! We have created a place where you can shop for yourself, your business if you have one, great gift items if you want to bless someone with a “just because” or birthday, and now even for KIDS!!! Our sister company, Clothe The Wildflower, was recently born because hey kids need great things too! Might as well save the shipping and get everything you need in ONE PLACE! Read more about this story on the The Wildflower FB page. It’s a neat one!


Thank you for being apart of our tribe and making Dixie Pistol what it is today.
And we are still just getting started......XOXO!